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december 2021

Music Corridor

Our first activity is the Music Corridor.

Each of the partner schools creates such a unique place in its school. This place is dedicated to music and musicians, especially those musicians who, in order to achieve success, had to overcome their own weaknesses and imperfections


January 2022


Selected classes will take part in the screening of the film Whiplash


june 2022

Kick-off meeting

The first live meeting of our partner teams!

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March 2022

Letters to musicians

Students write letters to chosen musicians


May 2022

A visit to a musicians house

In May each partner country school will organise a trip to a musician’s house. The students will have tha chance to get information about the life of this musician, his work and his cloths.


September 2022

Music rules on our corridors

It  has long been known that music has a positive impact on the development of children and adolescents. Students can choose  music pieces to make the break pass in a pleasant atmosphere.


November 2022

Music dictionaries

Students create music dictionaries


jANUARY 2023

School corridor concerts

Students perform on the school corridor


March 2023

Rhythm rules!

Using percussion instruments students create their own music pieces. These activities take place during music classes as well as extracurriculum classes.


May 2023

Musical instruments out of recycling materials

Used bottles, cartons, ets. All of these will be used to create our own unique instruments

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