Multiplier Event in Skopie, North Macedonia

Multipier Event
in Skopie,
North Macedonia

On 19.10.2023, the multiple event of the Erasmus+ project "Love music, Love yourself" was realized in the hall of the Municipality of Çair where we had 8 external participants connected to the project, 8 participants/experts in the field invited from other countries and over 80 local participants from the state institutions of Macedonia as they are: State University of Tetova, representative from the Ministry of Labor and Social work, High school SUGS “Zef Lush Marku” – Skopje, many professionals in the relevant fields, etc

During the event: -Academicians from universities, experts and teachers from different cities made a speech about the project. -Our project and project activities were presented in this conference. -The obstacles for the education of students-at- risk were mentioned. -The information about Music Therapy and its benefits on education was explained. -The two outputs of our project ('Curriculum Program' and 'Guideline') were introduce to the participants and audiences. -The audiences of this conference were local volunteer teachers, candidate teachers, stakeholders, academicians, educational experts and parents. So, this event served as a big dissemination activity of our project.